Exterior of modern house
  • Green up your patio with terracotta or plastic planters. Make sure to add a burst of colors by introducing lots of different colored plants.
  • Put your old bathroom ware, pipes and sinks to create visually appealing landscapes.
  • Pebbles are a great way to retain soil moisture for plants.
  • Don’t forget to plant some wall climbers and creepers for that quaint village home like feel.
  • To create contrast, use similar shape and neutral color flower pots against your structured walls.
  • Convert some old shoe organizer as your mini herb garden or sapling holder.
  • Repurpose those old shutter windows to create a background theme. Place some succulents or mosses for that extra effect.


  • Cover those old cardboard boxes with jute and decorations to make some beautiful paper and linen holders.
  • Use those coffee tins as your indoor plant pots. Time to bring out your paint and brush.
  • Convert those boring glass jars to fancy candy jars or candle stands whilst showing off your painting skills.
  • Your empty cola cans serve as a wonderful base for some polka dotted, perforated lanterns.
  • Got some woodwork done recently and don’t know how to get rid of those uneven pieces of wood? Simple past them together to create some stunning mirror craft.
  • Did you know empty mint boxes can be used as small storage compartments for those small pins and screws.
  • Rusted pasta strainers can now be converted for some interesting lighting effects indoors or outdoors.

Roof tiling

Repairing or replacing your roof can be expensive. Spending a few minutes every six months looking closely at your roof can help you identify maintenance opportunities that will help prevent costly repairs later. Here’s what you should look for.

  • Missing, damaged or curling shingles and any other signs of wear and tear should bother you.
  • Check for signs of fungus or algae. Install zinc or lead control strips to stop fungus or algae from flourishing.
  • Inspect metal areas for rust. If it’s present, wire brush the rust, then prime and paint the metal.
  • Make sure the flashing is solid. If not, remove all the old seal and scrub the area clean before resealing.
  • Seal any cracked mortar or waterproofing around joints and chimneys, if it appears to be deteriorating.