Get Rid Of Graffiti From Surfaces

Graffiti in itself is extremely beautiful depending on the message it portrays or the area where it is made. However, it can be an issue for the owner of the property. In London, you can find a lot of graffiti on the walls. Removing graffiti from the walls and different surfaces is quite as difficult as making one.

There are a lot of professionals that provide services like graffiti removal in London. The following are some tips to remove graffiti from various surfaces.

1)Metallic surface : At first, try to remove the paint using a normal paint thinner that is easily available, if that doesn’t do the job, try to use penetrating oils and wipe the paint with a clean cloth. If both these tricks don’t work, try to rub it off with a light sandpaper or metallic wool. You can also use a power washer to remove it, but the pressure should be around 3000 PSI.

2)Wooden surface : Wooden surfaces are one of the toughest ones when it comes to the removal of graffiti. As they can soak up the paint, it gets harder to remove it. Try using a power washer at first and if it doesn’t work, try wiping it with mineral spirits. At last if nothing works, paint a new coat of wood paint over the graffiti.

3)Masonry surface : Graffiti on these surfaces cannot be easily cleaned with chemical cleaners. In order to clean it, you can either try to wash it off with power washer and if that doesn’t work, you can go for sand blasting the entire area.