Block Paving And Its Types

Block Paving And Its Types

Block paving is a method of delivering hard standing surface to places such as patios, driveways, road surfacing, pavements etc. This decorative method is flexible since it allows the bricks to be lifted up and placed again at the same place, thus not seeming out of place even after remedial work.

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Several Camberley block paving contractors carry out driveway projects for residential places in Camberley. These contractors or companies help you choose the right kind of block paving material, depending upon your preferences, need and desire.  Various designs, pattern styles and colours are available for paving materials, thus giving you an option for customisation according to your house plan.

Typically, manufactured block pavings come in two types-concrete and clay. While there are other materials such as stone, rubber, crushed glass or recycled plastic used to make these block paving. Clay and concrete are two most popularly used block paving materials.

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Concrete block pavers are made up of a mix of cement, stone dust and aggregates. They are very cost effective and are available in a mixture of colours that can be easily matched to surroundings. However, they easily absorb contaminants and dirt and thus need to be sealed against pollutants very effectively.

Clay block pavers are made from naturally occurring clay. They are very hard wearing apart from being easy to maintain. They do not absorb contaminates or stains easily as well as stay fresh and new for years. They come in excellent colours. However, they can come very costly and sourcing them from local suppliers can be a little difficult.

If you want a good block paving work, go for professional service.

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