Have You Checked This Before Hiring A Plumber?

Have You Checked This Before Hiring A Plumber?

Home repair and renovation becomes a necessity after some years in a home. During the renovation, you would also want to get new fittings, pipes and repair the damaged ones in Fareham. After you have made up your mind on one contractor and want to hire him for taking care of all the fitting plumbing activities in the house, it is time to know what are your rights when hiring a Plumber in Fareham.

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Did He Give You Written Quote

Before taking the final decision, you would have asked for different quotes from a number of plumbers. Finally, you liked the quote offered by one of them and decided to go with his service. Now, the catch is that all the quotes should be on paper with the proper breakdown of the expenses and cost of each fitting. Once, you have all the estimates in your hand; make sure that the final cost does not go beyond that. Even if it does, you are not liable to pay extra to plumber since he gave you in writing even before starting the work.

Coming to your responsibilities, if you are living in an apartment or the society, it would be better to ask the concerned authorities before getting started the plumbing work. It is because in a society there are various connected pipes and lines that run through several homes. There are possibilities that you start some plumbing work at your home and it disrupts the whole society where you are living.

So, make sure that you are aware of your rights and duties before getting the plumbing work started.

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