When the winter time comes one of the most common problems that you face is that your electricity bill rises very much this is because you have to keep your house heating equipments on throughout the day to keep your premises warm. But the efforts of keeping the house go in vain if you don’t have insulation render in your house walls.

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There are many people that are not aware with the fact that walls absorb almost 40-45% of heat that makes your premises very cold during the season of winter. But insulation is a very effective solution by which you can be able to hold the heat loss from your premises. It only takes one time investment and gives you its benefit over many years or as long as your walls stay. There are generally three types of insulation such as external, internal and cavity. But the most common and used one is external wall insulation and it is also recommended by the experts. By using external insulation in your house you can save a lot of money in electricity bill as walls retain the heat and emission of carbon is also get reduced.

Installation process

In order to make the exteriors walls of house insulated, insulated material is fixed by the adhesives and mechanical fixings. Then insulated material is covered up by the protective layer of cladding or render.

If you are not aware with the term that what render is then it is important for you to know that rendering is a process in which wall is covered with a layer of cement and thick sand to protect the insulated covering. So that heat remains inside the premises and provides you warm and comfortable feeling.

Advantages of installing insulated external wall

When you perform the work of insulation of exterior walls, then it not only provides you the warm premises but it can also work as a damp controller that provides a strong protection against the moisture for over many years. It can also reduce the sound of harsh noise that is coming from outside. More than that, it can also improve and increase the life of your wall and protect the wall from condensation.

Installation wok doesn’t need very much planning and plotting. When you consider performing this work you only need to hire a service provider. That means when the insulation and rendering work is going on you and your family doesn’t need to go anywhere else for stay. You can move here there in your house and do your daily activities as you do.

This work can add great value to your house and in future if you plan to sell the house that has this feature then there are many people in the market that can give you exceptional prices for the house. Not only this, you can still bargain with the buyer as this is the feature that not all houses offer. This is probably the best way to insure that your house will remain moderate and warm during the season of winter.