The glaziers are the glass specialists who can repair your glass, or install your glass or replace the broken glass of the window or door. Glazing can be done in many styles, types, colors, shape and size depending upon the requirement of the property owner. Glass can be very dangerous so it is best to let the experts do their job. There are many types of glaziers available in the market that you can choose. Some of the most common types of glaziers are listed below.

Tips by All Glazing UK

Commercial glaziers: Commercial glaziers are those who generally work on a large project and are multiple in numbers. Mostly they work for the entire building, and can provide glazing to it. Most of the offices and companies hire these commercial glaziers to execute the glazing work.

Domestic glaziers: As the name suggests, these professionals work on a domestic level. These glaziers work at homes and make glazed windows, doors, glass doors, sliding windows and many other such things. They provide designing service, repairing service, restoration service, as well as maintenance service. Those people who are thinking of renovating their house can prefer to have domestic glazing at their property.

Security glaziers: Security of the property is the major requirement and security glaziers can help you in enhancing the security of your property. Security glaziers provide security glazing which includes installation of fire resistant glass, shatter proof glass, and bullet proof glass. Most of the VIP’s and businessmen avail this type of glazing service which provides them with natural vision but with enhanced security from many types of threats.