Resin flooring is incredibly safe, durable and lasting floor solution used in almost every industry. From pharmaceuticals to food production and from retail markets to automotive factories, it is an ideal choice of most of the owners. This is because of its some additional advantages like easy cleaning, wear and damage resistance, excellent hygiene feature as well as anti-skid property. It not only makes the environment safe but also enhances the look of the area.

Nowadays, instead of relying on the traditional flooring systems businessmen are installing various new types of industrial flooring in Brighton.

Types of resin flooring

  1. Epoxy –  It is one of the most common typesof flooring systems. It is thermo-set material offering the best performance and durability due to the tight bond with concrete. There are some other types of epoxy resin available in the market to offer you some additional advantages, but the most common factor in each type is its durable and hardening quality. It is mostly installed in automotive and metal sectors. If you are also thinking to install it in your factory then you can find plenty of options in epoxy resin flooring around Brighton.
  2. Polyurethane – It offers an excellent abrasion resistance and has a great absorbing capacity. The biggest advantage of such flooring is that it is totally resistant to high temperature or to direct heat. It can be the best choice for bakeries where big ovens and hot trolleys are used. You can find a number of variations in terms of color and patterns.

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