Different Types Of Drill Bits Used In Metals

Metalwork is something that can work all along with itself, however for functioning along with other essential factors,it requires assistance. This is where drill bits for metal come into the scene. These bits function to bridge the gap between the metal and its associated factor for service by creating a way for attachment and connection between them.

Here are some of the prominent types of drill bits that can be used with metals.

Twist Bits – They are also referred to by the name of Twist drills. These are the most common types of drills being used by hardware workers and handymen all around the world. The concept of these drills works as the front ends to perform the task of drilling and spirals of the drill work to bring out the debris from the inside of the hole. These twist bits come in two forms, of which one is the HSS or high-speed steel and Carbon steel.

Screwdriver bit drills – These bits are designed in a way that they can fit in well with rechargeable screwdrivers. These types of bits have a hexagonal shank to them. These drills are a prominent choice for pilot hole drilling however their capacities are limited by the power capacity of the screwdrivers and the limited size of the small bits.

Masonry Bits – The name itself indicates that these bits from drill machines are used for drilling into building materials like tiles, stones, bricks, and quarries, etc. Tungsten carbide is the metal that is often used in making the cutting tips of these bits.