Photogrammetry -The Game Changer Of Real Estate Business

Prospective buyers in South East often consider every aspect of the estate before purchasing any property including the accurate size, the design, its position, surrounding area, and its access to various locations. To make this simple and effective, photogrammetry emerges to be the ultimate solution.

Designed to give a holistic view, this one-of-a-kind tool can be used for mapping and surveying any type of real estate with utmost ease.Further, the data captured with photogrammetry can give buyers a better understanding of the various components of the property, along with the benefits that are associated with the purchase.

Photogrammetry Powered by Drone For Effective Results

Aerial data capture with the help of advanced drones remains to be one of the cost-effective methods for photogrammetry in South East that assures:

  • Quick collection of data that is reliable, highly accurate, and most importantly offers quantifiable results.
  • Better efficiency, as the widely mapped view of the area, can be used for different analyses including measurements, elevations, roads, and terrains present nearby.
  • The data acquired can also be reprocessed without the need for expensive and time-consuming fieldwork for resurveying the area.
  • Captures data of the property in remote, that is otherwise difficult to access or present in an unsafe location, and this itself lowers safety risks to a greater extent.
  • Data acquisition is performed without disrupting the ground (beneficial when the property is located near busy roads or other important places of the city). Rather, analysis can be done at the comfort of the office itself.