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People today are as much concerned about the design of their kitchen as for their living room or home décor. The kitchen is also one of the most beautiful parts of the home and it does need a little more attention when it comes to its setup and installation. In Somerset, there are many kitchen installation agencies which you can hire for your home. They will suggest the best type of kitchen according to the space and entire home’s layout. However, you can also choose from the popular layouts given below.

Island Kitchen – The island kitchen is best for you if you have bigger kitchen space as these kinds of kitchens can be formed in any type like L shaped kitchen, one wall, u shaped, etc. Only one extra feature will be added in island kitchen i.e. center counter or center dining table. You can hire the best kitchen fitting agency from Somerset to install your island kitchen.

Peninsula Kitchen – These kinds of kitchen are the modified form of L shaped or U shaped kitchen as they are open from one side which open into the living room or any other recreational part of the house. Since, it is connected from one side of the house thus it is known as peninsula kitchen.

Galley Kitchen – These are very unique kinds of kitchen as they are just like one wall kitchen but from both the sides. They are open from both ends and thus create a galley like look. You can consider this modern style kitchen and connect it to your living room.

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